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      Department of English (Office) 706.542.3496

      254 Park Hall (Department) 706.542.1261

      University of Georgia     (FAX) 706.542.2181

      Athens, GA 30602-6205   dgants@english.uga.edu



      Ph.D., English Language and Literature, University of Virginia, 1997

      M.A., English, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1991

      B.A., English, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1989

      Continuing Education. Rare Book School, University of Virginia: "Type, Lettering and Calligraphy," James Mosely (1994); "The Company of Stationers and the London Book Trade to 1637," Peter Blayney (1996); "Medieval and Early Renaissance Bookbinding Structures," Christopher Clarkson (1999).

      Academic Positions

      Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Georgia, 1998-present.

      Academic Professional, Department of English, University of Georgia, 1996-1998.

      Assistant Coordinator, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, 1995-1996.

      Research Associate, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, 1992-1995.

      Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Virginia, 1991-1994.

      Teaching Experience

      Department of English, University of Georgia, 1996-present.

      ENGL 8888, Introduction to Humanities Computing, with Dr. Nelson Hilton. Intensive graduate seminar covering theory and practice of computing for humanists.

      ENGL 8850, Electronic Textuality. Graduate seminar covering the practical and theoretical concerns surrounding the preparation of literary databases and electronic scholarly editions.

      ENGL 6900, Introduction to Computer-Mediated Instruction. Practical graduate seminar covering the development of digital teaching resources for humanists.

      ENGL 4890, Texts and Hypertexts / Theory and Practice. Senior-level undergraduate seminar covering the theory and practice of hypertextual literature.

      ENGL 4330, Shakespeare II. Senior-level undergraduate survey covering the second half of Shakespeare's career.

      ENGL 4320, Shakespeare I. Senior-level undergraduate survey covering the first half of Shakespeare's career.

      ENGL 1101, Freshman Composition On-Line. Freshman Composition taught completely on-line.

      Department of English, University of Virginia, 1991-1994.

      ENLT 224, Studies in Drama.

      ENRN 321, Shakespeare.

      ENGL 381, History of English Literature I.

      ENWR 101, English Composition.


      "The Printing, Proofing and Press-Correction of Ben Jonson's Folio Workes." In Re-presenting Jonson: Text, Performance, History. Macmillan, 1999.

      "The CUP Ben Jonson: Ruminations on the Electronic Edition." Ben Jonson Journal 5 (1998).

      "Patterns of Paper Use in the Workes of Beniamin Jonson (William Stansby, 1616)." Studies in Bibliography 51 (1998).

      "The Application of Digital Image Processing to the Analysis of Watermarked Paper and Printer's Ornament Usage in Early Printed Books." In New Ways of Looking at Old Texts II. Renaissance English Text Society, 1998.

      "Author Index to Studies in Bibliography, Volumes 1-50." With Elizabeth K. Lynch. Studies in Bibliography 50 (1997).

      "William Stansby." In Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Literary Booktrade 1475-1700. Gale Research, 1996.

      "A Digital Catalogue of Watermarks and Type Ornaments Used by William Stansby in the Printing of The Workes of Beniamin Jonson." Charlottesville: Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, 1995.

      Conference Papers and Presentations

      "Breaking the Codex." The Once and Future Book; 11-12 January 1999, Ben Gurion University, Israel.

      "The Problems of New Technology in the Old Academy." Modern Language Association Annual Convention. Toronto, 27-30 December 1998.

      "The Georgia On-Line Teaching Initiative." Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing/Association for Computers in the Humanities Annual Conference. Debrecen, Hungary. 5-10 July 1998.

      "The Digital Future of the Scholarly Edition." Modern Language Association Annual Conference. Toronto, 27-30 December 1997.

      With Dr. Michelle Ballif, "The Hypo-Textual Classroom: Injecting Technology Into the Educational System." South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Convention. Atlanta, 13-15 November 1997.

      "The Scholarly Archive in the 21st Century." Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. Atlanta, 23-25 October 1997.

      "Bringing the Manuscript to the Student: Using Virtual Archival Resources in the Classroom." H-Net Conference, "Envisioning the Future." Michigan State University, 24-26 September 1997.

      "Old Words in New Skins: The Scholarly Edition in Hyperspace." COCH/COSH & ACCUTE Joint Session. Queen's College, New Brunswick, 28-30 May 1997.

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